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The Bigger Loser Challenge

"Empowerment Edition"


Are you looking to become not just a "new you", but to become a healthier you in 2018? If that's you, Empowerment Church wants to help!


Men & Women from all over the greater Chicagoland area are invited to participate in our "Bigger Loser" 90-Days of Healthier Living Challenge. Together we'll help learn better nutrition, create healthy habits, and get more active! 



This is a 90-day weight loss challenge, the entry cost is $15 per person. Register below or at a signup table.  Weigh-ins will be held weekly on Sundays at Cinemark Theater between 9am and 12pm.



The details of your personal information will be kept confidential.


1) Who Can Participate and How Much Does It Cost?
The challenge is open to the everyone and anyone in the community. Each participant will pay a $15.00 entry fee.


2) What If I Am Under Doctors Supervision?                                                                   Please note that if you are under a doctor’s care, to consult with your doctor before participating.


3) How Long Does It Last?
Start date – March 11th – initial weigh-in/measurements and payment will be taken; the challenge will run for 90 days and end on June 10th


4) How Does It Work?

Weigh-Ins are required, measurements are optional

Initial Weigh-In – March 11th
Middle Weigh-In – May 6th
Final Weigh-In – June 10th


While you measure weight and pounds lost each week, the competitive number is the percent of weight lost


5) Prizes
Grand Prize – Biggest Loser Challenge winner – $200.00
2nd Place – $$
3rd Place – $$


To reach your weight loss goal, we encourage you to participate and enroll in some of the programs provided by our one of our community partners:

*Please check back for more information, will be posted online shortly.


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