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Empowerment Church Pull Up & Praise  cop

Empowerment Family and Friends, 


It has been a long time since we were last together in-person and we greatly miss you...after being away from each other for 8 MONTHS, here is our 1 chance to gather together DRIVE-IN/Social Distance style for Sunday service outdoors.


YOU can join us Sunday, October 25th at 10am, YOU do not even have to get out of your simply have to pull up, park, and get your praise on :)


To make sure we maintain social distancing when the parking spaces, please let me and the team know you're coming. 


PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE ONE REGISTRATION FORM PER VEHICLE...meaning if you have a family of 3 but you will all be in ONE vehicle, just complete ONE registration form...


**of course bring your mask and if you need one, we will have extras ready upon arrival****


Thank you in advance!



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