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Mother's Day and Father's Day weekend does not always bring up the best memories for all of us. I understand, growing up in a single-parent household, not knowing my father, I often had tons of differently feelings around Fathers Day but as I grew and matured and began to study scripture, I learned so much about fatherhood and being a father.

When you look through scripture, you never see God as a remote, distant, unapproachable individual. Instead I find Him as a that father who loves unconditionally, that father that is close and always available and caring and concerned about His children. That's the kind of dad I want to be- and that's the kind of Dad I find in God. 

So despite your background, despite your circumstance, come out this weekend and spend some time with us as we look to spread the love of God, our heavenly Father. So get out of the house, bring the kids, and let's have some fun! 

Remember we are also using this as opportunity to get to know each other, have fun, and reach people. We are depending on you to be our walking advertisement and spread the word to people who may normally not be interested in coming to a church service, may be more open to hanging with some cool people at a picnic.

FREE Food, lots fun, and of course the chance to hang out with some amazing people!!! If you have an Empowered T-Shirt we are asking you to wear it, if you do not have one yet- it is not too late to get yours! Click HERE

You can also sign up to volunteer and/or make bring an item or make a donation by emailing us at or click HERE to go to our website. Three major items that we still need are ICE, Coolers for drinks, and cases of water. 

We are all family at Empowerment, so if you have a favorite card game or picnic game- BRING IT! Bring your UNO, Dominos, whatever it is- let's have some fun in the sun! There will also be softball, basketball, kickball, and more! 

*Please feel bring your own lawn chair, seating is first come first serve.

Sunday @ 10am: You do not want to miss Sunday service, I believe Sunday is going to be special. Our worship team has been getting ready, we have a special guest that will be joining us, and there is an empowering message that God has given me to share.

I say this each time as a reminder because you never know whose life will be changed because you took the time to extend an invitation. Pray that God would place the person on your heart that you are supposed to bring to church with you this weekend and then take a moment to invite them to join you.

If you missed any of the Sunday messages, all you have to do is go to our website and click "Media." Each of the sermons from this series has been made available for you to reflect over and to share with someone that you know.

See you soon! 

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