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You Partnering With Us Makes A Difference

Our vision is clear, our course has been set, and now God is calling people to partner with Empowerment Church. Consider the following and ask how God wants you to partner with us.


No partner is more important than our prayer partners. Will you partner with us in prayer? We are intentionally seeking a serious team of people to cover us with prayer as this vision unfolds.


This prayer team is not an addendum or afterthought in the startup process, it is essential to the integrity and success of the mission. Most important pray that people will come to know Jesus and lives transformed through the gospel as a result of the efforts.




Empowerment Church
Empowerment Church

Will you partner with us by joining our team of Embassadors? The opportunity for participation is tremendous, and we want to make as many details as possible available to potential founding members of this new church. Please click here to fill out form to join our team today! 


We need individuals who are willing to embrace a generation that everyone has seemed to reject. We need people courageous enough to answer the difficult questions and lead them to discover to their purpose. 



Empowerment Church
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E-Team members are always looking for opportunties to help others learn about what God is doing with Empowerment Church. We tell our stories and spread the word about the Chicagoland area's newest life-giving church.


Our key role is to bring as many people as possible on the journey to build an awesome church! Join us and spread the word by joining an upcoming event and by connecting your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts!


We believe in the power of generosity, what it does for the individual doing the giving, and for the purpose that the giving supports. The mission and vision of Empowerment Church is directly funded by the generousity of people like you. We exist to see people reached, lives restored, and faith revived. 



Will you partner with us financially? Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matt 6:21). We believe that God has already prepared many people who are poised and ready to partner with us financially from the start of this process on. These individuals/churches/businesses will be an integral part of this move of God. Join us in making a one-time or recurring gift by visiting our GIVE page.




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