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Be my guest tomorrow at Empowerment Church! Service starts at 10am #YesWeMeetAtMovieTheater #ComeAsYouAre #TrySomethingDifferent #EmpowermentChurch


Tomorrow is the 1st of July, start off the new month by joining us at Empowerment Church! #90MinuteService #ComeAsYouAre #SomethingForEverybody #TrySomethingDifferent


Sunday is almost here and I would love for you to be my guest! Our service is at 10am, inside the Cinemark Theater 1001 W. North Ave Melrose Park, IL. #90Minutes #StartYourWeekOffRight #SomethingForEverybody #EmpowermentChurch


Ready to stop loosing and start winning? Try something new!Meet me @ 1001 W. North Avenue in Melrose Park. #BeMyGuest #Ready2Win #MoreofHim #LifeChange #ANewLife


The first time I got a message like this I had no idea it would be the beginning of something amazing. Let me show you something that changed my life! Meet me @ Empowerment Church 10 AM in the Melrose Park Cinemark (Theater 8) #DontSayIDidntTellYou #LifeChange #ImDifferent #BeMyGuest




Personal Text AKA: The “Textvite”

Hey! Not sure what you got planned tomorrow, but I would love for you to check out Empowerment Church. It is a good kind of different...Come dressed comfortable, relaxed and loving atmosphere. Let me introduce you to some of the people I am doing life with. Service is at 10am Melrose Cinemark Melrose Park (Theater 8) 1001 W. North Ave. Melrose Park IL. Text me and I’ll meet you in the lobby or the parking lot.


90 Minute Empowerment Church Challenge! Give God 90 mins and see what He does with it. #ECC #TryGod #TimeWellSpent 


Consider trying something like this via call or text...

Hey you were on my mind today. Not sure what you got going on. We should catch up!


Let me know when you have some free time so we can chat...”(build relationship with people that are connected to you and find out where they are mentally, professionally and spiritually over coffee, text or phone convo) when you are ready consider inviting them to your church to expose to something that will enhance their life.


This should happen everyday. Keep in touch with the people around you. Our lives are a mission field and it is filled with people who seem okay on the outside, but hurting on the inside. Don’t rob them of the opportunity to do something about it. Inviting them to church is giving them another option to win and defeat their grief.


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