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"Better Together...In Marriage"

At The Movies: "Emoji Movie

"Looking For His Hand"

"Praying For Your Breakthrough!"

"Breathing Room" Pt. 3

"Breathing Room" Pt. 2

"Breathing Room" Pt. 1

"Frustrations Of A Fixer"

"God Never Said...I Want You To Be Happy!"

"What If...You Trusted God?"

"What If...You Shook It Off?"

"What If...You Prayed About It?"

"What If...You Moved In Faith?"

"What If...You Made Room?"

"What If...You Had Faith?"

Week 3: "Fix My Life: Relationships"

Week 1: "Fix My Life: Relationships"

Week 5: "Fix My Life" Series

Week 4: "Fix My Life" Series

Week 3 of "Fix My Life" Series

Week 2 of "Fix My Life" Series

"A Christmas Story"- Week 4 of "At The Movies"

Week 1 of "Fix My Life" Series

"Home Alone"- Week 3 of "At The Movies"

"It's A Wonderful Life- Week 2 of "At The Movies"

"Despicable Me"- Week 1 of "At The Movies"

"Don't Stop  Praying"- Week 4 of Hope For The Holidays

"Don't Miss Your Miracle"- Week 3 of Hope For The Holidays

"Don't Get Weary"- Week 2 of Hope For The Holidays

"Don't Stop Believing"- Week 1 of Hope For The Holidays

Finding Peace

Simple Acts of Obedience


Guest: Pastor Eddie Tolbert

Who Do They Say I am?

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