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This upcoming Tuesday, March 1st 2016 at 7pm we are hosting our second Vision Meeting for Empowerment Church at the Hillside Public Library, 405 N. Hillside Ave, Hillside IL.


Now some of you are asking what is a vision meeting, glad you asked.Our Vision Meeting is a time to come and learn about the vision of the ministry: learning the Who, What, When, Where, and Why.


It is a time to get to meet myself and a few of our team members as well as a time to let us know where you would like to volunteer to help us reach more people with the message of Jesus.


This is a time for Q & A. After you hear from our team and myself, we would love to hear from you.


Perhaps you may have some ideas or suggestions that we hadn't thought of.


This is a time for you to learn who we are and for us to learn more about you. You are not obligated to say anything, do anything, or be anything. 


We know that evenings can be a challenge for some due to life and work commitments, so we promise to make the best our time together. 


What to expect?



Next Steps/Important Dates



Bye Bye


We will begin promptly at 7p. We respect your time. See you Tuesday!


Please take a moment to complete the brief form below to let us know the area that you would be interested in serving. 


Do you know others who would be interested in attending the campus?

Be sure to tell them about so they can get email updates, too.





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